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Reigns vs Bryan The Match The Crowd Trafficking Hope Our Initial Thoughts at The Finish Did WWE Finally Defeat The Yes Movement? A lot of people are upset Meltzer Piece Is Daniel Bryan really going to be in the IC Title Picture, or Fighting Sheamus? Throwing a secondary belt on a big star WILL NOT revitalize the belt. Booking it properly could be done with a mid card guy Roman Reigns Steps Up Huge, but what happens when Daniel Bryan is gone? Reigns vs Lesnar is official Bryan’s Promo love it or hate it? Roman Reigns Can Beat Anyone According To Paul Heyman Paul Heyman had an off night

John Cena vs Rusev

The Match The cheating of rusev for the first time Cena passed out, Why does everyone pass out to Rusev? Did Rusev Impress You? Should we give Cena a megaphone for him to call matches with? Are We Stuck with him? what gimmick match would you like to see them in at Wrestlemania

Triple H vs Sting

The Leather Jacket is back Can Sting just say anything? Triple H gives the godfather speech to sting about his legacy The BAT! would you have ever predicted that HHH would be the one to face sting We’re still doing this WCW Vs WWE thing, is WWE the defacto heel? There are people who have never actually seen WCW watching this How can they keep this exciting?

Wyatt vs The Undertaker

At any point did you think the undertaker was in that casket? What are your expectations? Will a loss hurt bray wyatt? would you rather undertaker not wrestle? he’s rumored to not be showing up until Wrestlemania…we’ve gott hear wyatt babble for weeks now?

This Weeks News

Randy Orton is back

Dean Ambrose Is Dumb


Rey Mysterio Is Officially Gone From WWE

How will you remember him? Favorite Moments Was he maximized as a talent?

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