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The Nation is joined by Ciara Reid to discuss the royal rumble, it's fallout and tons of more fun stuff. Josh Smith stops by for a quick shoot on WWE. We stuck to this script loosely

Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar vs John Cena Rollins Introduced Himself to all non believers Was Lesnar Winning The Right Move? Was this the last cena vs lesnar match all time great WWE title match or nah? Seth Rollins (Replaced CM Punk Essentially, will he surpass him?) Royal Rumble Match Run Down The Match They Fucked Up The Royal Rumble Again! Backlash, justified or no?#CancelWWENetwork Reigns Wins (The Reigns Discussion) Using The Rock To Save Reigns? Crowd Turned On The Match Daniel Bryan usage/elimination/debacle Has a main eventer ever been this disrespected? WWE knows Bryan is a WM Main eventer right? WWE doesn’t give a fuck what fans want Kane and Big Show Domination Rusev and Bray Wyatt All the big guys ruined the match right? The Faces looked terrible Was anything set-up in the royal rumble?

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